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Windows 10 release date : mid/late 2015

Next major version of Windows has also been announced - inside a surprising turn of events, it'll be called Windows 10, and from the looks of them, it'll become a step back direct from heavily metro-fied realities of Windows 8, bringing the focus back upon the desktop small portion the OS. A thing you need is certain, an open road prior Windows 10 remains long - Microsoft has made likely to mention on several occasions during its announcement event the project remains in its early stages, and there is quite lots of developing left to become done.

Windows 10 release date : mid/late 2015

In spite of this, we shouldn't be surprised the new platform is not expected to land anytime soon. Still, the expected Windows 10 release date actually does not seem too distant also. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will launch sometime in late 2015, following its Build developer conference, which traditionally occurs in April. Since this can be a rather wide time frame, we'd say that many of us expect Windows 10 to become released around the centre of 2015, or merely a couple of months after that - close to the end of the summertime, but in fact, that is just speculation.

So, there you've it guys - a spanking new Windows will be upon us soon, and it'll likely be here in under a year from now!
Tech Information 2014 Updated at: 12:00 PM