Preview: Android L for Samsung Galaxy S5

Android L's release is nearly here soon, perhaps even this month (as well as November). We have known for months what Google wants its next mobile OS version to appear like, considering that the company's already presented its new Material Design. But what in regards to the different phone makers? They've thus far gotten applied to modifying the looks of stock Android quite a whole lot, so it is interesting to discover how they will approach this version.

Preview: Android L for Samsung Galaxy S5

And in fact now we could get a look into what Samsung's interpretation of Android L will appear like, as someone got their hands on the pre-release build from the new OS for that Galaxy S5. This build is said to become very slow and buggy, so there is clearly lots of work that Samsung still should do (and it really is the rationale why it hasn't been made available for download).

Should you be hoping that Samsung would throw in the towel on its TouchWiz UI overlay entirely, well, you had been wrong. Samsung's Android L does not appear like Google's Android L - not entirely. There are plenty similarities, though, then it's nice to discover Samsung finally change some design bits that were left pretty much unaltered for a long time. Take for instance the Settings menu. This really is now white, and never blue. Then again, the quick settings inside the notification shade look very much like those in Samsung's KitKat release for that Galaxy S5.

The good thing is always that Samsung's built-in apps (for example Dialer, Memo, Clock, etc) have already been redesigned in keeping with Material Design guidelines (though they are not finished yet, as they simply haven't animations at this stage). The new lock screen from Google's Android L makes an appearance in Samsung's vision, but sadly the quantity of notifications it may show is simply two (when compared with four inside the stock OS). To obtain a better idea about what you are able expect from Samsung's Android L update for Galaxy S5, watch the video below.

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