Oppo N3 render gives us yet another look into the revolving camera

The Oppo N3 is predicted to become unveiled this month. The predecessor model, the Oppo N1, offered a camera that swiveled 208 degrees, working as both a rear-facing and front-facing camera. We do expect an identical feature upon the N3. Just before today, we seen two different renders from the device, each showing a special look into the swiveling camera upon the phone. First would have been a render showing a cylinder styled camera that rotated. Next up would have been a design just like what Oppo employed for the N1. Today's render shows a rotating camera that's hidden away along side right side from the phone.

Oppo N3

Oppo is believed to become prepping two versions from the N3, one made having a lithium-aluminum alloy, and another made with stainless steel. The previous is a lightweight version from the handset. But since remember this is a material utilized in the aerospace industry, the phone should have the ability to handle the regular wear and tear subjected to the typical smartphone. Thus far Now we have seen three different renders from the Oppo N3. What kind can you like best?

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