Next Windows Phone version will be Windows 10 ?

Well, It's officially been announced - ensuing Windows OS will certainly be called Windows 10, rather than 9 or Threshold. An item the rumors were true about is Microsoft will make an effort to bring unification to any device running Windows - should it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. Basically - ensuing version of Redmond's mobile OS is likewise called Windows 10 (or maybe Windows Phone 10 - who could say?).
Next Windows Phone version will be Windows 10 ?

It was eventually obvious that Microsoft was aiming for the company crowd - promising the new OS will certainly be compatible with management programs, will allow users to separate their personal and corporate data, customize the Store (no idea what which means yet), and also saying that It's aimed to make the " greatest enterprise platform, ever ".

Now, naturally, Windows phones will still not get any Desktop, however, Microsoft is very clear about designing its new OS with unification planned. From what is said, it would appear that, even supposing visually the OS will still look slightly different across devices, underneath the hood - it ought to be very similar. This should become a relief to the app developers on the market. During that note - the Modern interface, the one which was once generally known as Metro, is renamed to Universal, apparently to signify Microsoft's intentions.

Unfortunately, nothing is said about Universal apps - the corporate said that information on these will certainly be revealed in April, 2015. All could thus far is these apps will still manage to operate on desktop machines and users can have them in windows, rather than the current (Windows 8) full-screen mode.

Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP from the Operating Systems Group, was very articulate about blending the experience across PCs and tablets. So maybe the Windows smartphones won't become the productive machines one might hope them to become, but let us be honest - what 5 " screened device is?

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