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Microsoft skips Windows 9, jumps right to Windows 10

Well, it is really official folks, Microsoft has officially introduced its new version of Windows, but guess what - this is not Windows 9 that we're speaking about. Don't Be Concerned, though, we are not addressing some kind of a spin-off or an enterprise-centric version - it'll become a full-blown Windows alright. You observe, We're all expecting Microsoft to reveal Windows 9 at its event in San Francisco today, but what it is that we got instead is... drum roll, please... Windows 10!

Microsoft skips Windows 9, jumps right to Windows 10

We ain't joking - it appears Microsoft is so happy with the tasks it is really done upon the new Windows, that must be ready to provides it a much bigger name, something which will reflect the new beginning of sorts. After all, all of the meaningful leaks we have seen about Windows 9 thus far remain valid, including the metrofied Start Menu and also a refocus upon the desktop environment. Stay tuned in for more information, as Microsoft reveals more in regards to the upcoming Windows 10, which, i would like to add, is scheduled for release in 2015.
Tech Information 2014 Updated at: 10:00 AM