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Latest smartphone rivalry pits Xiaomi against Huawei

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently went online to complain that Huawei is insulting the Xiaomi Mi4. Huawei CEO Richard Yu went straight away to his Huawei Honor team (which is the name of possibly one of the manufacturer's lines and never a description of how virtuous his employees are). The team denied sending out any insulting online messages about Xiaomi's upcoming flagship model.
Latest smartphone rivalry pits Xiaomi against Huawei

The Huawei executive said that nobody can control the web, which each company should focus on just doing its best. Xiaomi might be making itself a fairly easy target by providing low priced value models, after which by using the controversial flash sales technique to pump up demand. Using this marketing method, consumers register their interest inside an upcoming phone about being launched. Only a little piece of inventory is sold, and sales continue online till the limited quantity of phones are gone. This will take as quickly collectively second to accomplish. Huawei, however, used the WeChat messaging app to assist sell the Huawei Honor 6. That app has over 400 million members.

Despite Huawei CEO Yu's denial that his firm is insulting Xiaomi, the latter's CEO says that he's gathering evidence, and can present it shortly to Mr. Yu. Considering the quantity of Apple rivals that were quick to leap upon the #bendgate issue to make fun of Apple, it sounds like one of these behavior is simply commonplace in a really competitive industry.
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