Google to bring another shot with a chat app

Bing is taking care of and can be wishing to launch its own chat app some amount of in time 2015. Yes, we know about the obvious question is – " Does not Google Hangouts cover this already? ". Well, it will and this does not – sure, users can employ Hangouts to link and chat, however it hasn't been highly regarded. Perhaps one of the main reasons is it started off as yet another section of the Google+ network, which seeks to link everything with the Gmail profile.

Google to bring another shot with a chat app

And as Google+ is not exactly popular, lots of users got put off from the concept of having to undergo the procedure of organising a profile, to acheive to Hangouts (even if it is simple – it is the perceived hassle that is sufficient to discourage most users). This coupling has now been removed and all one needs for any Hangouts profile is the Gmail account (which anyone using an Android phone has), but alas - it seems it truly is too far gone for many users to become interested enough to do it, while others are having privacy concerns over having email addresses synced to some chat app.

Now, competitor apps, including WhatsApp, are much more easier to line up, accessible, and obviously pack enough features, simply because they have already been a competitor to Facebook's Messenger for some time now. According to some survey, taken just before Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp, the latter's messaging service was more widely used than the most famous social network's own offering.

So, based on the report, Google will certainly be looking to know coming from the competition and can not require Gmail account sync which consists of new chat app. Instead – It'll employ phone number verification – same as WhatsApp, Viber, and the like. The app will certainly be tested in India first – the united states where Bing is wishing to gain momentum which consists of Android One program, and reach “the next 5 billion users”. Why a brand new app, rather than reworking Hangouts? Maybe Bing is wishing to launch a service exclusive to India. Or maybe it wants a chat app, clean of Hangouts' past - let us be fair, it did not have the very best of receptions.

There can be no denying that Google is probably the biggest players in relation to mail, search, ads, and naturally – mobile OS, except for some reason – the corporate just can't often put its finger on social. Did you think a Google chat app that does not demand a Gmail sync has a higher chance of success? Or will the problem lie deeper?

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