Windows Phone Preview for Developers getting Windows Phone 8.1 Update

If you are a member from the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program, build 8. 10. 14176 is now being pushed out for you by Microsoft. The update includes performance improvements and bug fixes. The build should clear the 80188308 error that some Windows Phone users were seeing while aiming to install Windows Phone 8. 1 on the phones. The error screen was popping up " as a result of not enough storage space inside the system partition during update. " Microsoft expects the new build to set this issue. If this does not help, you'll need to work with the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to rest your phone.

Windows Phone Preview for Developers getting Windows Phone 8.1 Update

Other problems fixed include the inability from the HTC 8X and HTC 8S to have the Windows Phone 8. 1 update. Those two models Didn't possess the proper drivers installed, which caused Microsoft to prevent aiming to update the 2 handsets.

Lastly, more Lumia owners that are participants in the Developer Preview program, will start receiving the Lumia Cyan update. Microsoft had started rolling it for some models many weeks ago. Though the guys and gals in Redmond plan on speeding things up. Each day, a handful of more devices will certainly be receiving the update until all Lumia models are accounted for. The Lumia Cyan update includes a brand new Start screen, the Swype-styled Word Flex feature, a file manager, IE11 password improvements, calendar enhancements, and an Action Center for notifications.

People who find themselves participants in Windows Phone Preview for Developers be able to arrive at test out new Windows Phone builds before they're made open to regular Windows Phone members.

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