Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Ready to release

In just a few days Samsung will start selling the Galaxy Note 4. But when you've actually ben patiently looking forward to one other Note or a unveiled at IFA earlier this month, you will need to continue being patient. According to the Samsung official, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will certainly be treated by the corporate like a limited edition concept. That is a nice method of saying that It'll forever become a niche device.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Ready to release

Samsung apparently plans to ramp up production to the Edge pretty slowly, it also does not seem like it is going to be launched in lots of places directly - rather, the rollout will go country by country. The corporate expects to sell around millions of units in 2012.

We have already heard which the Note Edge will certainly be quite expensive, and that could clearly relegate it into niche device territory, and definitively so. What is becoming clear Now's that it was always Samsung's plan.

So perhaps we should think in regards to the Galaxy Note Edge more with regards to as like a successor to last year's (also very niche) Galaxy Round, and never like a higher-end version from the Note 4 (because of its unique screen).

In South Korea, the Note Edge could be in late October, while It'll only ensure it is with territories in November. However, if Samsung staggers its rollout, and then it may very well be 2015 before it is really in most regions.

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