Price of New Samsung Galaxy A7, A5, and A3

Within the last few week or so three new Samsung smartphones got leaked. These bear the model numbers SM-A300, SM-A500, and SM-A700, and they're going to probably launch just like the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 (pictured below), and Galaxy A7, respectively. Now We've some rumored price points for every single out of them, together with some interesting details in regards to the A7. As it happens this particular device may merely be launched in select countries, and never become widely available just like the other two.
Price of New Samsung Galaxy A7, A5, and A3
Since its name and model number both manage to imply that it'll be the very best specced out of the trio, such a choice by Samsung is intriguing for sure. It might be the company does not believe inside the Galaxy A7's prospects of selling well everywhere. Or we can be taking a look at the precise opposite - it being afraid the A7 would eat straight into the sales from the Galaxy Alpha.

In either case, the Galaxy A7 is said to cost around $450 to $500. The Galaxy A5 will just be priced at $400 to $450, as the Galaxy A3 will just be the cheapest from the bunch at $350 to $400. All these prices are surely for unlocked models.

All three Samsung Galaxy A handsets will feature built-in LTE connectivity, then they will could all get official towards the end of the month. They need to have similar designs towards the Galaxy Alpha in addition to a premium feel, though whether metal will be taken to obtain that's not yet clear.

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