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Price of New Moto X - launches in India for Rs. 31,999

During this past year, one in all Motorola's biggest success stories has been around India. In just five months, Motorola sold 1 million devices in the nation and vaulted itself into the highest 5 smartphone manufacturers when it comes to market share to the region. Naturally, that success was as a result of release from the Moto G, and today Motorola is attempting to tap the high-end market in the nation using the new Moto X.
Price of New Moto X - launches in India for Rs. 31,999

The 2014 Moto X has yet to become released into stores here inside the U. S., nevertheless it will maintain sale tonight at midnight in India (and that is in below 3 hours). Motorola will offer the phone through Flipkart, and though Moto Maker Isn't an option for India, customers will still possess a selection of black plastic, bamboo, and leather backings.

The hurdle for Motorola could be with the value point though. India tends to become a region that skews in the direction of low-end, but Motorola will surely be selling the Moto X for Rs. 31, 999, which converts to about $500. The corporate has solid name recognition and good will from consumers, so it will likely be interesting to discover how this goes.
Tech Information 2014 Updated at: 10:00 AM