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New update for Vine Android apps gets new feature

The Vine app for Android has almost always lagged behind the iOS version, though the updates do cause it to be over eventually. Today, Vine for Android has gotten a fairly significant update, however it was one who hit the iOS side over one month ago. Still, Android users are unable to do much more with video on Vine, so that is good, right?

New update for Vine Android apps gets new feature

There will be two major changes to Vine using this update. First, you are able to now import videos, meaning providing need to shoot all of it live. And, maybe the even bigger change is that you may now edit videos inside the app. Previously, you've had to record everything so as, making videos with multiple cuts a lot more difficult. Now, you own a lot more flexibility and control over your creations. You are able to reorder clips, erase clips, or undo any edits you wanna make.

The update is live now for Android users, meaning the app has parity between Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the update still hasn't arrived at Windows Phone, in which the official Vine app hasn't been updated since December, as well as Rudy Huyn's 6sec hasn't been updated since June. So, here is hoping the Vine team now has time to labor upon the WP offering.
Tech Information 2014 Updated at: 10:00 AM