Instagram and other social media, being blocked in China

Reports are released of Hong Kong and mainland China that Facebook subsidiary, Instagram, is currently being blocked in China by the govt. while it contends with political protests inside the city. Other social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, and perhaps Chinese site Weibo will also be blocked. Following several “occupy” type hashtags, these demonstrations nothing such as the movements that sprouted up inside the US some years back.

Instagram and other social media, being blocked in China

When Hong Kong was ceded through the United Kingdom to China in 1997, the purpose was that there could be two systems at work, ensuring Hong Kong’s continued autonomy like a “special administrative region. ” However, political events of late have prompted several reform movements in Hong Kong, and tensions have flared to point of police setting out to crack recorded on the protestors.

While those in China is unable to lift their smartphones to see their favorite pictures, or get updates on which is happening, each of the social media networks appear to still be fully functional for all those in Hong Kong. The majority of social media activity is tagged #occupycentral, that has nearly 9, 000 photos attributed on Instagram.

Despite largely peaceful demonstration, police have disbursed a number of protestors with tear gas. In the crux of the problem is really a ruling that Communist party in Beijing will limit those that may be considered for any leadership post in Hong Kong. The block of social media upon the mainland is to avoid any democracy movements from gaining traction elsewhere in america. The final major movement in mainland China was the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 which resulted in clashes using the People’s Liberation Army, and thousands killed and injured.

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