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Google may require 20 preinstalled apps included in Android Contracts

While Android is open source and free for anyone to utilize, quite possibly the most popular version of Android is that the Google version ; and, getting to utilize Google Android has a variety of requirements when it comes to hardware and software. A brand new report claims that Google may soon tweak those requirements to question manufacturers to convey more Google apps preinstalled on Android devices.

Google may require 20 preinstalled apps included in Android Contracts
As of at the moment, Google requires the preinstallation of 9 Google apps to obtain certified for Google Play services ; but, The Info is claiming that Google hopes to raise that number to twenty preinstalled apps. It's unclear what apps are section of these packages, but We Might assume the current roster of 9 apps includes staples such as the Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Search, and Calendar, whereas the expanded package might add in stuff like Books, Music, and Translate (which already come preinstalled on many devices anyway). Beyond requiring certain apps, Bing is reportedly traveling to mandate in which the Google Search bar is positioned, and exactly how the apps are ordered inside a dedicated Google folder to become displayed upon the homescreen of latest devices.

This change would follow other requirements, like having the newest version of Android installed on the new device, promising to update towards the newest version of Android released within 18 months in the device launch, and naturally paying a relatively small fee to obtain Google apps and Play services.
Tech Information 2014 Updated at: 9:00 AM