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Andrognito apps for Android - hides all sorts of files

Andrognito apps is really a free app that causes it to be super-easy to show your smartphone into your secure stash on your most sensitive data. Although it features a merry, colorful interface, the app offers three layers of encryption on your priavacy needs, hiding each of the personal data you wish in real time. Like most encryption apps, this one allows you to protect your files having a PIN code or perhaps a password that you understand. If you forget it, just answer the security question The app works really fast too, because of its " Flash Mode " feature.

Andrognito apps for Android - hides all sorts of files

Andrognito hides all sorts of files, including essential stuff like documents, images, videos, archives, and in some cases apps. It is also a stealthy type of " hide my stuff! " app, the ability to lure your intruders into your decoy vault, or launch into an " invisible mode " that hides it coming from the app drawer and opens it with the dialer. Allegedly, Andrognito also resists brute-foce attacks by automatically locking itself for quarter-hour after 3 failed logins. While we can't understand that for certain yet, it ought to offer you some additional peace of mind.

Finally, Andrognito's Automatic Vault Backup feature makes sure you do not lost your data, even in cases where of uninstalling the app. Although you will need to unhide it so you may use it again, this really is hardly a challenge.
Tech Information 2014 Updated at: 11:26 PM