200,000 units BlackBerry Passport is sold out

Ok, so it is not a figure inside the millions. Still, word that 200, 000 units on the BlackBerry Passport were sold two days following the device was unveiled, has been seen as a worthwhile sign to the model, and also the company itself. The wide, square-shaped handset has captured the eye on the BlackBerry faithful. The device is generated for the ability using businessman and also to BlackBerry's credit, the corporate went all up to build a flagship phone that not simply is a good tool for business, but could compete with all the flagship models provided by other platforms.

200,000 units BlackBerry Passport is sold out

The BlackBerry Passport QWERTY also showed how Chen has his engineers working hard. Three rows of nothing but letters upon the physical keyboard looks odd to become sure, but virtual keys offer punctuation dependant on the things you are doing with all the phone. Browsing the net? You will see virtual keys to the colon and back slash. Sending an email? The " @ " will certainly be one of the virtual choices. The phone launches with BlackBerry 10. 3 which includes the new BlackBerry Assistant.

If an individual wishes to fine fault with all the launch, on account that 200, 000 units represents a sell out points too Chen is going for a conservative road with the corporate. Which may are already warranted having a device such as the Passport, and that is unique in several ways. It took Amazon all 6 hours to sell out its supply, while BlackBerry's own website was all away from the Passport in 10 hours.

Following BlackBerry will certainly be aimed at a unique demographic. In November, we expect to begin to see the BlackBerry Classic launched. This looks such as the traditional BlackBerry Q10 having a full physical QWERTY, but adds things as a trackpad, and function keys that were removed on newer 'Berry models.

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